At age 20, Antoni Tudisco is already making a lot of noise as a graphic designer, illustrator, 3-D artist and clothing designer. With only two years under his belt in the business, he’s got a resume that knocks out heads twice his age, who surely have much more on-the-job “experience”. Funny thing is, Antoni is no where near his peak.

Words: Aimstar
Images: Courtesy of Antoni Tudisco

MTV. Coca Cola. Reebok Woman. Nestle Milo. Vans Indonesia. Kellogg’s. Sanrio-Hello Kitty. Louis Vuitton. Nike. Adidas. Those are just a few of the brands German born designer Antoni Tudisco has worked with over the last two years since his foray into the design business at age 18. In 2010, he was voted one of Germany’s best in the field by ultra design magazine, Design Made In Germany. But what seems to drive Tudisco more than just his ambition alone is his multicultural upbringing. His dad is Italian, his mother Filipino and Antoni grew up in a world where Hip-Hop, Pop and the mainstream almost all mean the same thing. Mix all of this up and you’re ready for his first book project due out next January. In the meantime, Antoni tries to give us three-dimensional insight into the young adult he is, who is making it big in a grown man’s world.

What are you working on now?

I am currently choosing a perfect agency for me to work in. I have been getting a lot of offers recently, but I can’t decide which one to choose. Aside from that, I am preparing to sell my own art-book called, “The Art of Antoni Tudisco”, which will be released worldwide in early January 2012. I cant say a lot for now, as stated on the contracts.

List your top five graphic artists and why?

#1 Antoni Tudisco because I heard he is good at what he is doing.

#2 Marc Tudisco (my little brother) because I’m his biggest inspiration and he learned a lot from me.

#3 Onur Sentürk because he is the KING of Motion Design.

#4 Nicolo Nimor because he was able to spread his T-shirts with his own design all by himself.

#5 NIGO, founder of the famous A Bathing Ape.

Who would make for a dream collaboration and what would you two design together?

I would love to do a collaboration with NIGO, to design a T-shirt mixed with his style and mine.

Biggest challenge in the business?

To create a even bigger name.

What’s next?

To become a legend.

Follow Antoni Tudisco on Twitter, @AntoniTudisco

Images courtesy of Antoni Tudisco.

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