BANAGE: Handmade Accessories

The edgy and sophisticated Japanese accessories collection Banage is slowly creeping up on our radar.

Words: Tatiana R. Johnson
Images: Bana Itahashi

These days accessories can make or break an outfit. Wearing too much jewelry can set the tone for an overly styled look, while wearing very little can come off basic and sans flair. But when you take brass, silver and materials that we usually find in the home like cutlery and other grand items to make earrings, bracelets and necklaces, you would think we’d give you the side eye.

That’s not the case when it comes to the fairly new Japanese accessories line, Banage. Conceived by designer Bana Itahashi, formerly of Solakzade (see our story on them), the Banage collection manages to capture an edgy, punk spirit in the most sophisticated way. While each handmade piece rests on the designer’s motto, “Hand to Hand,” and is reinforced with her unique sense style, the line carries something for everyone.

From bracelets, to earrings to necklaces and eye wear, one can tell Bana is very much into details and incorporating her love of nature and animals. Strong pieces like the “Kiba” bracelet, which features small brass (or silver) circles is influenced by centipedes, while the “Mukade” look more like fangs (which she does carry as well) than earrings. Either way, we’re feeling it and we love that quality and great design seems to be the biggest priority.

For now, items can only be purchased directly through their site at Banage.me. Prices start at 7,000 yen (or $75 USD).

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