COOKIES-N-CREAM: Tees & Things

Cookies-N-Cream offers streetwear and limited edition toys that are worthy of your buck.

Words: Aimstar
Images: Rio courtesy of Cookies-N-Cream

We just discovered Cookies-N-Cream, a fairly new and independent streetwear line that prides itself on being artsy, fun, edgy and raw. Headed by the Cookie mob, made up of New York City natives Ganiu “Scrills” Ladejobi, Johnathan “Jon Blak” Sinclair, Peterson Lochard, CNC offers printed graphic tees, hoodies and a handful of limited edition luxe toys for heavy collectors. New York, art, pop culture and the underground seem to be the creators’ biggest influences. And while the clothing line still has a ways to go (last summer, their mobile pop-up shop was an ice cream truck, an idea which isn’t new by any means), their “three years of D.I.Y and learning” as they grow definitely shows potential.

Let’s just hope they learn how to differentiate their line from others, sooner than later.

Visit the Cookies-N-Cream site, here.

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