CULO: For the Love of Booty

On the heels of “The Big Book of Breasts”, “The Big Butt Book” et al, Diddy, Jimmy Iovine and Fashion photographer Raphael Mazzucco collaborate to produce, “Culo”.

Words: Aimstar
Images: Courtesy of Raphael Mazzucco & Atria Books

“The World is No Longer Flat” reads the tagline for Culo, a new book by visual artist Raphael Mazzucco, who is most noted for his fashion photography and the countless celebrity portraits of Adrien Brody, Susan Sarandon and many others that he has taken over the years. With Culo, his 248-page ode to ass, which features over 200 photos of girls with well-rounded and perky backsides, Mazzucco dives head-first into the shifting concept of body beautiful. Sean “P Diddy” Combs and Interscope Records Chairman Jimmy Iovine are on board, acting as the book’s Executive Editors, which explains the book’s strong Pop Culture integration via it’s not-so-subtle marketing ploy. Just this past August, Mazzucco and his work from the book were featured on HBO’s Entourage, and most recently, Timbaland and Pitbull produced the single “Pass At Me”, which further promotes Mazzucco’s images in its promo video.

Sure, Mazzucco isn’t the first to appreciate a nice bottom, or to even embrace voluptuous female silhouettes. (See Marc Baptiste’s Beautiful here, and Jean Paul Goude here, for example). But what the collaborators do their best to illustrate in Culo is the now global “mainstream admiration” for this female body part, a passion that the creators feel has long been reserved for certain cultures and communities. Essentially, everyone now loves big asses, not just Black, Italian and Latino men and women. Trust, it’s totally great that the mainstream is finally getting the big picture here. But I bet that if we were to dig just a bit deeper, we’d all see that Mazzucco (as amazing as his book may be and for all the help that Jimmy and Diddy contributed) is wrong. The world has never been flat, it’s just that some are just a little tardy for the party…

Images appear in Culo, courtesy of Raphael Mazzucco.

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