Whether you know it or not, Africa is the future.

Words: Jeremy Clayton
Images: Courtesy of AITF

Originating in 2008, the brand known to most as AITF (Africa Is The Future) is deep-rooted in the cultural essence of a rich nation. Through the design eyes of Nicholas Premier, the concept for the colorful brand surfaced when Premier was on a flight. Used as fuel to bring attention to the serious needs of African regions, AITF has grown into a campaign igniting awareness on relevant contemporary issues.

Trailer for AITF.

Capsulated in cotton and polyesters, Premier’s theme consists of largely printed tees, hoodies and jackets boasting intensely bright tones to coat patterns and the gigantic logo. Many of the accessories, including buttons, tote bags, posters and mixtape covers only take the message that much further in a bold, non-aggressive way.

Our Poetry by AITF.

Much of the brand’s influence comes from its powerful correlation to music. Supported by tunes from artists around the world, one can find strength and culture circulating in AITF look books in which musicians seem to have found comfort and purpose. Producers, DJs, French, Sudanese, American—the brand embraces the heritage of the diaspora, the legacy that the present sits upon, while simultaneously setting up shop for the future.

With Africa being the birthplace of civilization, Premiere’s slogan smacks you in the face with pounding audacity: AFRICA IS THE FUTURE. And if you didn’t know, now you do.

Images courtesy of AITF.

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