Setting the scene for a new way to look at urban wear, Public School/Black Apple is ahead of the class.

Words: Jeremy Clayton
Images: Courtesy of Black Apple

Often times, clothing designers hope to create a brand that encompasses lifestyle, music or culture in a way that is seamless to the sophisticated shopper. To say this is true for Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow, the founders of Public School/Black Apple, who have birthed an unequivocal voice through the styling foundation of their collections, would be an understatement.

Using the public school educational system as its central theme, Chow and Osborne came together to develop a brand that embodies the very best of metropolitan swag, focusing heavily on originality and quality. “School” began early in their careers, as both “studied” at the popular urban wear label Sean John. The pair has since combined their street savvy repertoire with their progressive knack for catering to the modern rebel.

Filled with retro-accented pieces that feign collector’s item, the “Black Apple” logo says it all. Stamped as a raw and endearing term for those who think outside the lines (Read: Machine Gun Kelly was the perfect artist to don their wears for their campaign), the infamous symbol is laced across bomber jackets with detachable epaulets, plastered across the back of greaser-esq vests and rested on short-waist jackets that boast tough collars.

While Dao’s yin of inspiration came from creating pieces for his friends and himself, Osborne received his calling from working in retail. Yet both designers are aligned in the feeling that weeding out the unnecessary is critical for fashion that is solid and raw. Banking on high-end fabrics has become the staple for both designers, and the mixing and matching of unique styles that allow for label fans to represent their wide range of taste.

Dao-Yi Chow explains Black Apple at Magic Tradeshow 2011

Needless to say, the young designers have created a brand that has both demolished the mainstream and transcended the underground via their street couture. With a vibrant and comfortable fit, Chow and Osborne have taught us, if nothing more, that a timeless look is the way to go.

Images courtesy of Black Apple.

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