DESIGNER WATCH: Gabriela Perezutti

New York based fashion designer Gabriela Perezutti wins with her womenswear brand Candela.

Words: Tai Lotson
Images: Courtesy of Candela

While Gabriela Perezutti grew up on her family’s cattle and sheep farm in the rural countryside of Uruguay, it was her initial foray in fashion as a runway and print model during her early 20’s that would lead to the evolution of womenswear brand Candela. Having posed in top-flight fashion magazines like Vogue Italia, in 2004 an opportunity was presented to Perezutti, which found her collaborating with partner Natalia Kuks-Jacobs to cultivate the line of chic, South American inspired looks for the urban fashionista.

In its humble beginnings in Brooklyn, NY, Candela was just a T-shirt line that Perezutti managed while running a NYC fashion showroom as her day-job. But as word spread about the sexy brand that masterfully blends gaucho cultural influences with modern urban trends, Candela became Perezutti’s sole creative focus.

These days Candela’s unique offerings include funky, to-die-for footwear (which account for nearly 60 percent of their annual revenues) in addition to gorgeous, moderately priced apparel for women who like a little bit of edge. With plans to open their first flagship store in New York in 2012, keep your eyes out for Candela’s Fall 2012 collection, come Fashion Week this Feb. There will surely be some new inspiring looks to add to your collection.

To buy or see more from Candela, visit their site HERE

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