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A melange of Pop, Indie Rock, Funk and the kind of urban sensibility that oozes sexy Soul sounds, Dreamshow is that artist we’ve been waiting for.

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If you brushed shoulders with Constantine Anastasakis as you walked down a New York City street, you wouldn’t necessarily compare him to the great purple one (read: Prince) on first sight. No, you’d probably think to yourself, “Now, here’s a guy who could easily play Dallas Winston,” should a reprisal of The Outsiders and the faved Matt Dillon role resurrect in the foreseeable future. On the surface, Constantine’s got the same mischievous, good’old-boy charm (down to the semi-crooked smile) and that dark, tousled, “it is what it is” hair as Winston. But once you get to know the multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer-cum-artistic maverick who goes by the stage name of Dreamshow, he couldn’t be any less like the legendary film character, or any more akin to the music legend Prince (or Serge Gainsbourg for that matter…).

Like Prince, Constantine aka Dreamshow, is a dreamy (no-pun), artistic, self-professed “bedroom producer” and singer, who is constantly creating. At 26, he’s already an accomplished Jazz drummer (Prince’s father was in a Jazz band and thus heavily influenced by the genre), who’s genre-bending repertoire, like Prince, is pioneering a new sound that can’t be labeled or reduced to particular influences as the culprit. He also has a wide vocal range as does the former, and art is very much a part of their overall presentation. Ironically, the two even share extreme, near fatal car crashes but lived to tell their stories; while one totaled his car and walked away (Prince), the other faced underwent reconstructive surgery and physical therapy. And like Prince, the artist who has probably inspired Dreamshow’s work the most to date, Dreamshow stands afront a band that supports his never-ending quest for making great music and pushing boundaries seamlessly.

Having recently released his first EP, Good Morning, under the guided handiwork of Grammy nominated engineer Ariel Borujow of Stadium Red and with his management team The Serve, LLC (Curren$y, DD172) at the helm of his budding career, Dreamshow is set to take his forward-thinking sounds beyond what we’re currently bopping our heads to.

Catch Dreamshow performing live in New York City in coming weeks on:

January 13th @ Big Snow, Brooklyn
January 27th @ Panda, NYC
February 3rd @ Tammany Hall, NYC
February 15th @ Webster Hall, NYC

Download Dreamshow’s
Good Morning EP, HERE.

Follow Dreamshow on Twitter, @_Dreamshow
Follow and like Dreamshow on Facebook, HERE

Special shouts to Shawn Lawrence James of Central Booking.

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