GINGER & LIZ: Dashing Divas

Nail lacquer brand Ginger & Liz Colour Collection is making no exceptions when it comes to accessorizing your fingertips.

Words: Tatiana R. Jonson

With so many spring trends upon us, decorative nails are a definite must when it comes tocomplimenting your attire. From Golden Globenominee Eva Longoria to hip-hop’s current leading lady Nick Minaj, sportingfunky and trendy colors like “Swagger” (as seen above) and “Boy Toy” by Ginger & Liz, have been major the last few months. So what can you expect for the spring trends this year?

First, it’s important to know that creators, model/author S. Liz Pickett and entrepreneur H. Ginger Johnson, are no amateurs. Having both spent a decade in the fashion and beauty industry, irrespective of their collaborative efforts, these power women have since combined their keen eye for style and their love of complimentary colors for creation of their supreme lacquer brand, Ginger & Liz Colour Collection.

Using toxic-free lacquer and a vast range of colors, the Ginger & Liz Colour Collection is the ultimate nail polish assortment and can be found on fingertips everywhere from your favorite celebrities to your career fashionistas.

This season embraces patterns, nudes and bold chromatics. Creators, Ginger & Liz report “Ivy League” (below) to be one of the most sought out colors this year. This subtle green hue, a kin to mint green is not too bright and not too dull… Combine with nude colors for a simple and chic ensemble.

But if you think you’re ready to take the plunge on patterns this year, then don’t be afraid to give your nails much more attention with hand-crafted nail designs. Feel free to  explore with vibrant colors like “New Money” (below)—an intense turquoise color in a class of its own. Or if you’re mid-season, between the flowery, breezy, mildly warm spring vibes, but want to make a bold statement, you may want to give “Half Naked” a shot. A light pink that looks great with khakis, browns and everything in between—it’s the perfect pick.

Want to see more options? Check out these and other spring colors at www.gingerandliz.com


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