GOUDEMALION: A Retrospective

Exhibition Dates: November 11, 2011 – March 2012
Location: Les Arts Décoratifs 107, Rue de Rivoli 75001

Words: Aimstar
Images: Jean-Paul Goude

Jean-Paul Goude is an icon. A photographer, illustrator, filmmaker, director and advertising whiz, who’s beastly imaginative creations (Think Chanel’s Egoiste or his love affair with Grace Jones) always seem to resonate with an overwhelming majority in the most disturbingly vibrant way. Ask anyone who’s anyone in fashion or the arts, and I’m sure they’ll name at least one of Goude’s massive undertakings from his 40 + year career (and counting) as a source of inspiration.

To celebrate his achievements and Goude’s neverending push for ingenuity, Les Arts Décoratifs has organized Goudemalion, the most comprehensive exhibition of Goude’s work ever hosted by a gallery and his first artistic exhibition in Paris to date. Delve into hundreds of drawings, watercolors, photos, films, music, sculptures and other art mastered by Jean-Paul Goude (from childhood to the present) that unilaterally and collectively show his need to expand the idea of identity by allowing varying cultures, ethnicities, movements and ideas to collapse into one another time and time again. This perhaps is Goude’s genius; knowing how (and when) to take jarring and “opposing” elements that don’t necessarily seem to fit together in the real world, and then, by intuition, reimagining them in perfect harmony.

Goudemalion the Jean-Paul Goude retrospective is on view at the gallery Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris until March 2012.

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