New interior wallpaper trends leave more to dramatically rendered walls than the traditional damask and toile de jouy of the past.

Words: Marva Babel Tucker
Images: Filthy Home and Flavor Paper.

Today there’s a new crop of wall coverings that can layer your walls with strokes of extreme bold brights created by rock stars, to the racy patterns created by a former Mormon. The world of wall coverings is being re-informed, courtesy of a couple of designers determined to make walls command the room’s attention.

Enter Lenny Kravitz. When he’s not crafting music, he’s tending to his next true passion, interior design. After forming his design firm in 2003 to create dwellings, designed to his specifications, he moved on to the next phase of having total control of the room. He decided to design wallpaper. Joining forces with the distinctive wallpaper manufacturer—Flavor Paper in 2010, Kravitz designed the Tropicalismo wallpaper collection inspired by “the graphic influences of the late 1960s Brazilian Tropicalia movement,” and like the sound Kravitz creates, his wallpapers are equally pulsating, vibrant and expressive. Featuring bold and rhythmic patterns, the Tropicalismo line is an enigmatic twist in which to render walls anew.

Kravitz’s line can be ordered directly through Flavor Paper’s showroom, a Brooklyn based wallpaper company, specializing in custom and one-off designs. It’s no wonder this innovative wallpaper manufacturer became the conduit that brought LK’s rock sensibility from its showroom to the walls of our homes, as Flavor Paper has established itself as a showcase for inventive wall expression—as seen through its “Flavor Lair” street-level printing studio cum free public art display.  Sift through the hundreds of unique wall coverings, and if nothing inspires you, simply design your own, as Flavor Paper offers the service of in-house custom design and printing based on your own creation.

Have something less bold, naughtier in mind? Welcome a new contender into the world of interior wall coverings, designer Ryan Cox of Filthy Home. With his self-described design aesthetic as “vintage flair and modern sensuality,” these patterns are another example of how the endearing memory of traditional wall coverings of yesteryear is being left behind. Revamped in bold, salacious wall skins, these designs will have your walls making a seductive statement, leaving your houseguests blushing. Upon initial glance, Filthy Home designs look like the usual beautiful wall treatment. But look a little closer as the devils are in the details, and their names tell the story. Our favorites being “me so thorny” and “in the bush.”  With a nod to unconventional tones in the composed world of interiors, Cox admits his inspiration for the line is pulled from all things considered taboo, a subject that piqued prior to starting his line while working in product development for Playboy Enterprise.

If the permanence of “slits and clits” on your walls make you nervous, have no fear, Filthy Home is prepping to introduce pulpous pillows to keep the couches warm, and allow a “quick switch” for an impromptu visit from grandma.

Images courtesy of Filthy Home and Flavor Paper.

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