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Jeff Harris’ self-portrait-a-day project will soon hit 5,000 photos and counting.

Words: Aimstar
Images: Courtesy of JeffHarris.Org

(Video contains graphic scenes)

Remember the old adage, a picture tells a thousand words… What about 4,748 pictures and counting? As a collection of images taken over the course of 12 years, what does that say? That is the focus of a project by former magazine executive Jeff Harris, who over a decade ago decided to start capturing a self-portrait a day, each baring witness to the highs and the lows of ordinary life. Like most who engage in these types of multiple-year, serial photo projects, or even just us common folk who love the hell out of Instagram, after a certain point you get bored shooting the basic stuff that inspires you. You start digging deeper and creating wild experiences just so that you can snap a shot for your page.

Jeff Harris is no different. He set out to find the most intriguing images, pushing himself beyond his normal daily agenda to find the “one”. (He quotes rocker Andrew W.K. on his page as inspiration.) And then he got cancer and documented that. And then he lost use of his leg and documented that. It’s a story that you get so raveled up with because you can’t wait to get to the end. You want to see how it all turns out.

But that’s not happening anytime soon. In a few months, Jeff’s self-portrait-a-day project will hit 5,000 photos and counting.

To see all of Jeff Harris’ photos to date, visit his site HERE.

Images courtesy of JeffHarris.org

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