KICK THE HABIT: Electronic Cigs?

Will electronic cigarettes help smokers finally kick their nasty habit to the curb?

Words: Aimstar

Any cigarette smoker knows kicking the habit is a gruesome process that is often left to the next New Year’s resolution list. It’s true what they say, once you start smoking, it’s hard to put the habit down. But while prices for a pack of “bones” continue to skyrocket in the States and no-smoking bans begin to extend to outdoor spaces as was successful with indoor venues, there has never been a better time to just quit. Besides, who really likes to endure the relentless commenting from onlookers about how you should really just stop smoking those cancer sticks? Smoking cigarettes just isn’t cool anymore, but most importantly, it simply isn’t promoting wellness or better health. And I’m not trying to croak for a few visceral moments of pleasure, it really isn’t worth it.

Some within my circle have made the switch to “lights” or “ultra light” cigarettes, which, although the intake might feel lighter in strength, they’re just as bad as those regular joints your body is so used to. Interestingly, those of that group smoke even more now, perhaps in effort to attain the highs of a regular cigarette. Others, have moved on to natural cigarettes and rollies—the latter literally involves rolling individual cigarettes whenever you get the urge, which has its pluses. Because you’re rolling it yourself, your handmade ciggie won’t have all of the harsh chemicals that the boxed kinds have. And while they’re also smaller, so they have less tobacco and tar than a packed cigarette, I’ve heard rollies satisfy cravings faster, decreasing the need to smoke as well. But who wants to roll up throughout the day, every single time you want to smoke a cigarette? By the way, rollies are harmful too…

Recently, electronic cigarettes have been making their rounds within the smoking scene. A number of people I know, who have unsuccessfully tried quitting via patches, that awful gum or the tried and true cold turkey method, have embraced the electronic movement as a means to kicking the habit. According to Cigotine, a tobacco cigarette alternative that is completely electronic, “No product comes closer to tobacco cigs than Cigotine. It looks, feels and tastes like your regular cigarette and delivers all the pleasures of smoking, without the negative effects.” You can also smoke them anywhere because the exhale off of a Cigotine is “odorless vapor” that contains no tobacco, emits no secondhand smoke, and which evaporates in seconds. Did I mention it comes in different flavors?

Now I’m not a scientist by any means, nor will I pretend to be, but I’m assuming that if you’re smoking, even if you’re not smoking a regular cased cigarette, you aren’t really kicking the habit, are you? Almost like coming in from the back entrance, electronic cigarettes allow you to smoke without really smoking. But are they any better for you then actual cigarettes?

Cigotine’s site reads: “While tobacco cigarettes emit approximately 4,000 identifiable chemicals of which 69 are known to cause cancer, Cigotine contains less than 6 chemicals on average, depending on the strength you choose. And with no tar, tobacco or second-hand smoke, you can satisfy your cravings without the negative effects of traditional cigarettes.” Banking on propylene glycol, the main ingredient that creates the “mist” one exhales when smoking a Cigotine, how Cigotine works is through a cutting-edge microelectronic technology built as a two-piece, cigarette-looking device (as seen in photo above) that “includes a small rechargeable battery, and a replaceable cartridge containing water, propylene glycol, nicotine, flavoring that emulates the taste of tobacco and other available flavors, and a membrane to suspend the ingredients.”

While The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the States has generally recognized propylene glycol as safe for consumption (specifically in small amounts in food (coloring, flavoring and additives), cosmetics (moist ones), medicines and in machines that simulate smoke), electronic cigarettes haven’t made the list just yet. But the general consensus among my electronic-smoking friends is that, they feel better than they did when they were smoking actual cigarettes. They’re excited about not having to pay for packs of cigarettes anymore, and they don’t even mind having to charge their electric fags every so often. But have they quit smoking? Sort of… many have told me that they find their cravings have subsided somewhat, even though brands like Cigotine say it plainly: they are not a smoking cessation device. At least some of my friends are halfway through the battle and aren’t smoking real cigarettes anymore.

For more information on Cigotine, visit their site HERE.

For more information on how you can quit smoking, visit the American Cancer Society’s Guide to Quitting Smoking HERE.

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