LUSH COSMETICS: Ethically Minded

If you’re looking for a natural, ethically correct line of cosmetics, then Lush is definitely for you.

Words: Tai Lotson
Images: Courtesy of Lush

Lush Cosmetics has long been dedicated to their mission of offering natural vegan products to the public. Using fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, every product is hand made, while all of their perfumes are infused with pure essential oils and natural synthetics. But as much as they are au naturel, Lush also stands firm on being ethically correct, which is no easy feat these days. They have vowed never to buy ingredients from any supplier that tests any of their products on animals for any reason, and they actively protest and campaign against animal experimentation. And this is not just lip service….

Most noted for their Naked Campaign, which serves to go against the traditional methods of unnecessary packaging that most beauty lines produce in excess. Always keeping global environmental issues in mind and reducing their waste output, when you purchase an item at any Lush flagship store, it is packed and packaged right in front of you, with the option to opt out of packaging altogether. When packaging is unavoidable, they use recycled materials. Lush aims to have 100 percent of their packaging easily recyclable, compostable or biodegradable.

Unique and refreshing, there is nothing cookie-cutter about the Lush experience at all. Healthy, happy, quirky, fun, while being ethically and socially correct is a mainstay with this company. It’s not about a marketing scheme, Lush really just wants to make the world a better place, while making you feel body beautiful with great products that actually work, and not filled with unnecessary chemicals, that are harmful for us and our planet. 

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