MARC BAPTISTE: 10Yrs of Beautiful

It’s been 10 years since Marc Baptiste released “Beautiful”, his first book of nudes. And the world hasn’t been the same since.

Words: Aimstar
Images: Courtesy of Marc Baptiste

On November 7th, 2001, Marc Baptiste‘s first book, Beautiful, was released. A gorgeous, oversized manual of nude portraits featuring Black girls, Asian girls, regal older women, cool chicks, industry mavens, artists, celebrated survivors—in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and ethnicities—women who did not necessarily fit the type of beauty that the mainstream continuously pushed. Women who, unceremoniously, undressed themselves in the comfort of their homes and studios, doing away with the traditional trappings of style and fashion in front of Baptiste’s lens, in effort to give others like them an opportunity to see and value themselves as they really are. Au Naturel.

While it has been a decade since Beautiful hit the shelves, it remains a landmark book. Long before the Real Campaign for Beauty, Baptiste was waving his flag in the direction of a new era, where the idea of beauty included many, many more. From Rosario Dawson to Bethann Hardison, Kathy Atkinson to Noemie Lenoir, N’Dea Davenport to N’Dambi, Brandy Quinones to Tina Williams, Stacey Dash, Liris Crosse, Elaina Connendapor, among others, Baptiste left no stone unturned. For this, STARK salutes Marc Baptiste for continuing to serve women many years later with a job well done.

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Images appear in Marc Baptiste’s book Beautiful courtesy of Marc Baptiste.

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