MARC NEWSON: Inside Design

With his new book available this November from Taschen, fans and design geeks alike can share in Marc Newson’s most memorable creations to date.

Words: Aimstar
Images: Courtesy of Marc Newson

London-based Marc Newson is a designer’s designer. Never has he limited himself to just interiors or graphics, Newson is a true creator and reinventor of things that are simply, outside the box. Clothing, shoes, watches, beds, chairs, tables, bikes, cars, lounges—even planes—whatever the medium, Newson is sure to inspire with his one-of-a-kind designs. Enter Marc Newson, the first book by the designer and developed by Taschen, which features a complete catalogue of Newson’s work to date.

Perhaps the greatest designer of our generation, Newson, whose work is inspired by futuristic inklings as a result of his first experience with space via space shuttle launches of the 1960s. His new book, is a collector’s item of sorts. Each item designed by the Australian designer is listed chronologically with details, photos and early notes from the Newson. It also features exclusive case studies of his major projects like the Kelvin-40 Jet and the Ikepod watch, not to mention a special and intimate interview with Newson by his long-time friend and collaborator Louise Neri.

The Marc Newson book is available later this Fall, including 1,000 limited edition copies that are numbered and signed by the artist, at Taschen.

Images courtesy of Marc Newson.

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