MARIE LU: Rising Legend

Emerging science fiction novelist Marie Lu’s “Legend” gets film ready.

Words: Marjua Estevez

Let’s face it. We’ve embraced a number of apocalyptic theories (Harold Camping included) that detail our approaching doom— notions of astronomical or biblical property that depict the destructive end of Mother Earth as we know her. The most common denominator often rests in fantastic, futuristic allegories, 300 pages or better. Right now, critics are raging about Legend, the remarkable debut novel from Asian-American writer Marie Lu.

Picture a dark and gloomy future, when North America is split into two battling nations. June, a brilliant, but militaristic and pampered girl from the prevailing republic is destined to cross lifelines with Day, a Robin Hood rebel figure from the slums. While Day’s mission is to save his own family from a contagion, June’s mission becomes central to her people, which has her hell-bent on hunting Day down.

Legend conquers the difficult feat of writing an untold story in a universally-appealing way that resonates with even the savviest of live-action, Sci-Fi heads. However, for those familiar with these types of extreme doomsday chronicles, it may appear that Lu fancies writing about socially repressed and controlled societies alone or that her characters seem awfully familiar (almost akin to those of Twilight or The Hunger Games). And while the mind-altering genre is not enough to quell the former Online Alchemy Art Director and Fuzz Academy founder’s love of cupcakes, afternoon tea and Christmas lights, in the most striking review she’s received thus far for her first book, the New York Times says, Lu’s Legend, which is set to the backdrop of a rotting landscape with a principal conflict between the haves and the have-nots, is a “walloping good ride, with an emphasis on believability.”

It’s should come as no surprise then that CBS Films has already snatched up the film rights to the 28-year old’s groundbreaking first effort in the literary world. “There are some things that I always dreamt about, like finally being able to get a book deal. THEN there are the things that are so crazy, I didn’t even know to dream about them,” Lu said after book and film agents, Kristin Nelson and Kassie Evashevski brokered and closed the deal.

Legend is available for purchase at Indie Bound, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com.

For more information on Marie Lu, visit her site HERE.

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