METAWATCH: The Future is Here

When we watched “The Jetsons” back in the day, we imagined what the future would be like when our watches did all the work. With the MetaWatch prototype, we don’t have to wonder any longer.

Words: Aimstar

Starting this month the makers of MetaWatch will begin shipping the ultra techie, but super smooth timepiece that affords its owners “wearable development systems”. What the hell does that mean? It’s a smart watch that wirelessly connects directly to your smart phone, mobile phone or laptop via Bluetooth technology, thus allowing the watch access to applications on those devices. Essentially, MetaWatch is a phone/computer that you wear on your wrist (a wrist-worn smart phone?).

Want to find a phone number, send a message or an image, listen to music, IM, setup your calendar or receive standard notifications about new emails or phone calls via your watch? You can do it all with MetaWatch, and it’s fully customizable through the MetaWatch Manager app on your computer. The water resistant watch also comes in two formats, analog and digital, leaving you to select the desired look you crave. The battery life is pretty good for a single charge (a full week!), but this watch’s display is better served for quick-view items versus lengthy chatter on email and the like for now.

Developed by Bill Geiser and David Rosales, who have been developing “connected” watches since 2002, the pair recently went rogue from the Watch Technology Division at Fossil to further the development of the MetaWatch brand. With the support of HP and Texas Instruments, the watches are now available directly at the Texas Instruments’ site here (for digital version) and here (for analog version) for a nominal cost of $200 USD each.

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