NEO FOLK: Asian Art Now

Exhibition Dates: October 20, 2011 – October 23, 2011
Entry Fee: 10 €, half price 5 €
Location: Cutlog Art Fair
Bourse de Commerce de Paris, 2 rue de Viarmes 75001 Paris

Words: Aimstar
Images: Courtesy of Gorgeous Productions

Whether it be traditional Chinese water color paintings or contemporary graffiti on the streets of Shibuya, Asian art has long captured the attention of art lovers worldwide. Interestingly, these days within the art scene among the artists themselves, there seems to be a revival of sorts. Artists hailing from South East Asia “have been rediscovering their roots and traditional crafts, by reinterpreting their mixed and painful pasts” through a sophisticated melange of their contemporary experiences with the ancestral, according to Damien Brachet [Gorgeous Productions], one half of the team of curators behind the new exhibition, Neo Folk.

“They have grown out of State-condoned folk-art and tourist-priced exoticism, and back from the counter-culture distraction of self-denying, copycat Western conceptualism. Entrenched in soul-searching identity crisis, pioneers, pillars and heralds of the local scenes have dug up their forefathers’ hand-woven, paper-cut, hand-dyed, studded, pierced, cursed and blessed techniques, which contemporary art used to look down upon as arts and crafts,” reads the curatorial statement about the show’s mission.

Organized exclusively for the Cutlog Art Fair and Festival in Paris, Brachet and The Clear Edition Gallery of Tokyo held an opening for Neo Folk , there last night. With works including a live Krink painting and performance by revolutionary Chinese activist and graffiti artist Syan aka MC Yan, a puppet show by Singapore-based graphics and illustration whiz Kuanth, to the metal and papier mache sculptures of Java born artist Samuel Indratma, among many others amazing pieces and films featured in this installation, Neo Folk cleverly showcases Asia’s finest contributions to the art world then and now. The exhibition remains on view until Sunday.

For more information visit the Cutlog festival site, here.

Images courtesy of Gorgeous Productions.

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