PLANET MAUD: Vintage Haven

Imagine if your shopping habits actually saved the world. Anything is possible, especially when it comes to new vintage boutique, Planet Maud.

Words: Tatiana R. Johnson

Rummaging through our parents’ and grandparents’ closets not only comes as a reward to us, but it’s also eco-friendly and cost-effective to revive old trends. But who has the time it takes to actually do that? It can be more tedious and tiresome than we care to admit. Not interested in the now pricey vintage wears found at some of the notable second-hand sellers out there either? If you’re looking for a dope alternative for rare finds, shop Planet Maud.

Jo-Ann Enwezor, owner of Planet Maud, believes having unforgettable style is major, but sacrificing too much time or too much money to look great just doesn’t make sense. “I was very influenced by my grandmother and I had no access to fashion magazines,” Jo-Ann explains about her early fashion influences. Growing up she attended an all girl’s school, where wearing a uniform was part of the strict code. Come the weekend, it was time for her to play dress-up and experiment with various styles. Having never let go of that creative spirit, through Planet Maud, Jo-Ann sees her customer in the same vein—people looking to play everyday with great looks that are cost effective, sans the gruesome hassle of digging through bargain bins. “We waste time and money, this is the simplest way of giving back to the world and I thank my grandmother for communicating that,” says Jo-Ann, who donates two percent of all monies made by PM to charity.

Named after her grandmother whose nickname was Maud, Jo-Ann’s company is not only a vintage shop based in Washington D.C., or just an online boutique via PlanetMaud.com. Jo-Ann actually takes PM on the road, traveling to different cities catering to fashionistas right where they are, making the Planet Maud experience super personal and that much more worthwhile. Add eight friends, and you’ve got a Planet Maud and Vino party. (It’s kind of hard to say no to free wine and 10 percent off of whatever you purchase.)

Ranging from 20 to 200 (USD), skirts, leather-fringed handbags, drop-down earrings and silky dresses are just a few of the items on offer by Planet Maud. Jo-Ann also makes it her business to hand select special pieces from all over the world— Thailand, Amsterdam, London Istanbul, Phoenix—which then go through a rigorous process of restoration and cleaning before being put up for sale. “Every article of clothing is dry-cleaned and pressed. I iron everything [myself],” Jo-Ann explains about her close attention to detail, a Planet Maud motto that came from the late Maud herself. She jokes, “That one wrinkle can set you back.”

Not bad for a woman with no prior fashion experience, and who spent 11 years in corporate America before jumping ship to become an entrepreneur.

For more information on Planet Maud, visit their site, here.

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