REEBOK: “Classic Cliffhanger”

Leave no room for doubt or cold this winter, with the “Classic Cliffhanger” boots by Reebok.

Words: Zoy Britton

Boots are the piece du jour when it comes to the winter season. So this holiday, add a little flare to your closet with the Reebok “Classic Cliffhanger” hiker boot. The high-top boot’s unique technology— via Reebok’s ZigTech sole—allows for superior cushioning and increased energy efficiency in comparison to other foam-soled boots. Cliffhanger’s padded ankle also lends additional support and lessens stress endured by the ankle during extended amounts of walking. (Can we say excellent job fusing fashion and durability, Reebok?)

Stylistically, the boot comes two-toned, except for the boots in black with a suede body. Additional colors include the tan boot and the dark brown boot, both of which come with a black, leather upper.

MSRP is $130 USD and the boots are currently available via all major retailers. Reebok definitely hit a winter winner with this one.

Want to buy a pair of Cliffhangers now? Go for it, HERE.

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