SIX SCENTS: Scent Sense

Perfume meets the art world with the third collaborative collection of Six Scents.

Words: Tatiana R. Johnson
Image: Courtesy of Metaproject

It’s your first time stepping off the plane after traveling to Los Angeles from Japan. The smell of jet fuel, the sweet aroma of cinnamon rolls in the food court and that pesky feeling that you just might make it in this new fast-paced environment takes over you.

These are simple experiences for some, which are quite memorable nonetheless. Now imagine if you could capture that scent in a 1.75 ounce glass bottle, add swanky artwork and cap it off with a documentary about the process of making it all happen. This is exactly what creator Kaya Sorhaindo of the Metaproject had in mind when he and his team introduced Six Scents Parfum, a relatively new beauty meets fashion experience that finds its greatest strength along the artistic arms of collaboration. And did I mention that a portion of the annual proceeds go to charity?

Each year, Six Scents gears up to find the best in new and established fashion designers from all over the globe to curate a scent that best matches their personality and brand. In the end, each designer tells their own story, specifically, how they captured their unique scent.

Pretty Wise By Heather Sommerfield (Six Scents: Series Three)

“You’re not just buying a scent, you’re getting the experience and the mentality of it all,” says Marc Gunn, VP of Marketing at the Metaproject.

Indeed it is a massive undertaking of not just cultivating a scent and collaborating with designers, but the presentation of Six Scents also sets them apart from the pack. From launch parties that feature cocktails with similar ingredients as the scents, screenings of the behind-the-scenes documentaries, to the elaborate environments in which the collections are introduced—all subtly and organically place you in the shoes of the designer, if not briefly. Having already collaborated with beloved designers such as Phillip Lim and Jeremy Scott, the team behind Six Scents has already found success. Global distribution provides further measure of their idea’s brilliance: fragrances from Series One and Two are sold out in 25 countries.

Like previous installments, the latest, Series Three Innocence to Experience, gathered six fashion designers including Rad Hourani, Alexis Mabille and four others from various parts of the world to create limited edition scents that recall intimate moments in their childhoods that involve smell. The mélange of sperm, baby powder, leather and incense smells to create Rad Houani’s scent seems to be the most talked about. But perfume aside, Series Three also incorporated a film component, where contemporary artists expanded on the visual concept of childhood experiences. Proceeds from this collection will go to War Child International, a charity devoted to reduce the effects of poverty and promote child rights.

“It’s our social responsibility to give back and it also motivates our consumers to want to reach out and help as well,” says Gunn.

Albeit simple in theory, elegant in execution, Six Scents make you ponder, “Who knew you could capture the essence of a moment in bottle?”

Image courtesy of The MetaProject.

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