THJANÉ: Ceramic Jewels

THJané delivers hand-made, hand-painted jewels inspired by strong cultural themes with a modern twist.

Words: Aimstar
Images: Courtesy of THJané

Sister designers Teresa and Helena Jané are fascinated with rich culture, something that seems to be the definitive trademark of THJané, their contemporary Jewelry and Object company. It is a totally collaborative effort that has been ten years in the making; Where Teresa takes the lead on visual design, Helena leads on the business front. And while both have always been heavy into the arts, like drawing, painting, fashion, their foray into ceramic arts began in 2002, when the Portugal-based pair started making artsy knobs (yes like cabinet hardware) out of white clay. By 2004, they had fully expanded to include pottery, jewelry and of course art that they make and paint themselves by hand.

Looking at some of their pieces and noting how there are just a few on offer from every collection they’ve unveiled thus far, it’s obvious that Helena and Teresa value quality over quantity. Their combined workmanship is very detailed and precise, or is made, as they put it, “Devoutly, seriously, exclusively, dangerously, carefully and – why not say it? – Perfectly.” A unique blend of traditional with contemporary swagger, for spring 2012 THJané take us to Angola with the “Mundus” collection, to tell the stories and creatively articulate the link between Africa and Portugal, and their art.

Visit the official site for THJané, here.

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